How much will it cost to tune my piano?

How much will it cost to tune my piano?

The short answer is either $110 or $150.

The more detailed answer is a Standard Tune is $110; a Pitch Raise and Tune is $150.

If your piano has been tuned within the last year or so, you will mostly likely need a Standard Tune.

A piano that has not been tuned for several years, or has been moved, can go far enough out of tune to need a Pitch Raise in order for it to be stable at the correct pitch. In some cases, a piano has not been tuned for so many years that more than one Pitch Raise is required. These pianos often have very brittle strings which are subject to breakage.

Standard Tune
Tuning consists of adjusting the approximately 230 tuning pins and strings to vibrate at certain frequencies determined by musical and acoustical rules.  I also examine the piano for current or future repair/maintenance needs during a Standard Tune service call.

Pitch Raises
A Pitch Raise is the process of ‘pre-tuning’ to get the piano closer to correct pitch.  This is a rough tune, and takes about half the time of the Standard Tune and costs $40.

The average tuning appointment takes an hour to an hour and a half. I usually schedule 2 hours for a piano I haven’t seen before in case of unexpected issues.

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