New Quantitative Measurement

New Quantitative Measurement 
of ‘Feel’ of Piano

I learned about a new tool at a great Piano Technicians Guild technical presentation last night!

Finally two engineer/ piano technicians (and staff/spouses) developed a system that measures action inertia, and even quantifies ‘good’ and ‘bad’ playing pianos!

I have often wondered how to quantify the touch and feel of a piano while playing.
There has always been the ability to measure key ‘weight’ and friction, but those don’t give you enough information about how the action will feel when it is played (dynamic sensation).

It’s the Fandrich-Rhodes Inertia (patented) system, and it will let you predict with certainty how your rebuild or action work will feel when its finished!

This is a great breakthrough when you think of spending thousands, or even tens of thousands on your instrument!

Thank you John and Del and families!!

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